1. Patamery

    Go Momma!! I can totally relate to your entire story… Except it’s my 7yr old daughter..Makes me crazy lol

  2. Jackie

    ???????? my husband did the exact same thing to our 5 year old today! I needed to be done!

  3. Shelly

    I just discovered your IG account and that, obviously, led me here where I read this article/blog and I have to tell you…
    First of all, your sensitivity to noise is called misophonia. My husband has this to the point that going out to eat and being around people who chew with their mouth open just drives him mad. I digress…
    My 4YO daughter (my one and only) has been behaving EXACTLY as you described. I often joke that she’s 4 going on 14 because my god is her attitude total SHIT.
    I think I would be OKAY with her saying,”I don’t like you!” but this demon screams,”I hate you!!!” and that shit LEGIT hurts my feelings.
    My husband likes to remind me,”she’s only 4!”
    But I’m close to popping her in the jaw when she’s screaming that with such rage — and for no reason other than: mommy told her no, mommy said not today, mommy suggested she lie down for a nap, you know– parenting.
    I have NEVER spoken those horrible words to her. Her dad and I do not speak those words — so it bothers me that she yells them.
    She’s also recently started telling me that she wants a new family and that we should find a new kid.
    I played her game. She said these things to me (again) before I was taking her to preschool (which, btw, she’s a “delight” there…) and so I said,”SUPER. You can have your new mom pick you up from school today. I’ll be out picking out my new kid and don’t know that I can make it on time to pick you up.”
    She started to cry,”Nooo… she won’t know what school I go to or when to pick me up!”
    I started laughing.
    “Guess you’ll need to get that squared away before you make such ridiculous threats!”

    But I like the idea of driving to a large parking lot (abandoned, so no one tries to kidnap her –talk about a backfire situation waiting to happen! Haha!) and offering her the chance to go… and having a very similar conversation with her.

    I’m sorry you had to experience that– it’s a gut punch, and never mind the added annoyance of the noise level! Ugh! –but by you sharing this, it helps me realize that it’s common/normal/ a phase… and being somewhat extreme may help correct it.

    Thank you.

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