There is no telling what you will find at the bottom of my purse. From pacifiers, old lip gloss, boarding passes and room keys to some crazy pills, hair bands and Tonka Trucks. And that’s exactly what you are going to find on my blog, anything and everything.

I’m a wild child turned wife and mom just trying to get by, one long day at a time. I’m on my second husband, first kid and 8th cat. I live a life surrounded by moms who are always trying to be the best at everything, while I fall short of mediocre. I’m opinionated, sarcastic and most of the time, tipsy.

I love to travel, eat and above all laugh at the fact that God put me in charge of raising a human being.

I’m a born and raised Texas girl so if you don’t like bbq, queso or margaritas, we probably won’t get along.

 I hope that you enjoy riding with me on this adventure that I like to call “My Life.” (at least a version of it)

I want to get to know my readers so please follow me by pressing the email icon on the right side of the home page.

Disclaimer: I apologize to my family and friends in advance for any offense I may cause, it wasn’t me, it was my pen.