1. Lonneke

    O, How I recognize everything you say here.. Before kids an appointment (dentist, dr..) was no fun, but now it’s become me-time…

  2. Kari Herbert

    Omg I have never read a more applicable, straight forward and honest statement about parenting, in my whole life. U go girl!

  3. Samantha

    OMG we’re so alike, and I SOOO get this article. my baby daughter suffers from reflux and every wk last summer I had to go pick up her medicine from the hospital’s pharmacy. Not to “expose” her to hospital germs, I used to drop both kids off at my mother’s and oh my G, I used to love that half hour of waiting time until her med got dispensed. I had 30 mins where I could sit down and scroll through FB or read a few chapters of my never finished book!

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