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  1. I feel you. There is a photo of me and my first newborn in her baby book in which I look HORRENDOUS. I thought about ripping it out and burning all traces of it the first few times I thumbed through her book with her. But I decided to leave it in. It depicts truth; something dear and precious. It’s not to be covered up or disposed of and forgotten, it’s to be seen and told and talked about. That’s what will help her if she decides to become a mother, not me trying to smooth over motherhood.

    Knowing the truth and reality of birthing and recovery is what will equip her and let her know she is not alone when she’s in the valley of sleepless nights and a worn out and dysfunctional body.

    There is no ideal, no right way to parent from start to finish, other than with love. Telling our truths is a form of love and bravo to you for telling it like it is. It sucks ass for awhile and the hindsight takes over and the dirty mo-fo trickster or loving friend that is will tell us that it was wonderful and worth it and we may even do it all over again!

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