I got this lip gloss at my ladies game night ‘gift exchange’ last night and OMG it’s AMAZING. It shimmers, plumps and moisturizes, all at the same time. It feels like butter on my lips but without the calories. It’s also free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates so you also don’t have to worry about … [Read more…]

Operation Flee Christmas

So I have a confession to make……. This year we have decided to do something that most people only “talk about” doing but never actually do. We have decided to escape our dysfunctional families and all the stressors that come along with the Holidays with “operation flee Christmas.” To be clear, our families are wonderful … [Read more…]

Love that chicken from Popeyes

Today my husband did something unthinkable. Something truly unimaginable. Something that no man should ever do to their wife. He ate Popeyes without me. This may seem like nothing to some of you but to us in the South, especially Texas and Louisiana, you don’t come between a woman and her Popeye’s. Ever. It is what we … [Read more…]

Butters’ Debut

So….I may have not given Butters “magical” powers enough credit from last year. We read the book last night and had the big talk about the rules etc. and my son couldn’t have been less interested in the conversation or in The Elf on the Shelf in general. He looked at me and said, “ … [Read more…]


It’s hard to blog on the subject of The Elf on the Shelf after it’s been done so many times BUT I cannot pass up an opportunity to share my love/hate relationship with this little shit that takes over our life for 30 plus days over the Holidays. To be clear, I think that The … [Read more…]