Help a Momma Out…

At some point or another even the biggest homebody aka “restaurant avoider” will be faced with going out to eat with their children. I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus but I have friends (who shall remain nameless) that do anything and everything to avoid taking their kids into a public arena like … [Read more…]

Not on my watch….

I’ve always been a little crazy conservative with who cares for my child and have always thought no one could do as good of a job as me. I would call myself a very cautious and over-protective Mom in general but my husband would probably say that a better description is “up-tight” and “controlling.” I run … [Read more…]

Shrimp Scampi

I was shocked when I had three friends tell me that they actually tried my last recipe so I decided that I’m going to start posting one of my favorite recipes every week. I really want to share meals that appear to be gourmet but are fairly simple and the whole family can eat with … [Read more…]

Mom Bun Down

  I have made a decision. I have decided that its time for shit to get real and get my “hotness” back. I have just faced the harsh reality that I have fallen into the dreaded “Mom” category where my go to outfit is yoga pants and a sweatshirt and I don’t even do yoga. … [Read more…]

Mayday Monday

In my house, “Honey are you on your way home” is code for “Get your ass home, NOW.”  Today was one of those days. In fact, I think I’m just going to start calling all Mondays, “Mayday Monday,” since they always end with a distress call. I cannot believe that I am uttering these words … [Read more…]

Lemon Butter Chicken

It’s no secret that I love to eat and have a deep appreciation for food. I usually prefer someone else making me the meal but once in a blue moon I get this crazy idea to cook something that involves more then three ingredients. Tonight was one of those nights. It’s called lemon butter chicken … [Read more…]

New Year, New Us

When I think about 2015, all I can really say is , “You can kiss my big, untoned, white ass.” This year has been horrible. The worst year of my entire life and trust me, I have had some rough ones. Divorce, a miserable pregnancy, and severe post-pardum issues don’t even begin to compare to … [Read more…]