Butters’ Debut


So….I may have not given Butters “magical” powers enough credit from last year.

We read the book last night and had the big talk about the rules etc. and my son couldn’t have been less interested in the conversation or in The Elf on the Shelf in general. He looked at me and said, “ Even if I’m bad Santa will bring me presents anyway.”

I walked out and told my husband that were raising a demon child and totally screwed.

But alas, a miracle happened.

He stayed in his bed ALL NIGHT for the first time in 2 months. When he woke up he found Butters on the shelf and said, “Look Mommy the Elf is here and he’s on the shelf just like the book says.”


So, this is another disclaimer for the Author of The Elf on the Shelf. The Elf should start on the shelf IMO then as your child’s behavior gets better he moves to more fun locations. Why should the Elf be having fun if your child is being bad?

It just doesn’t make sense.

As I said, I’m sure the Authors are taking notes………

I’m not sure how mornings look at your house but at mine they resemble a war zone.

We get up in the morning, usually an hour behind schedule, and scour the fridge to try to get a less than ideal lunch together for my child, while at the same time getting him dressed and ready for school. And lets not forget that my husband and I have jobs that expect us to show up at a decent hour so we are scrambling to get ourselves ready also. I’m pretty sure the people that I work with don’t think I own a hairdryer or makeup.

My point is, it’s a complete shit show.

But today was different. Today my son ate his breakfast without us hassling him and got dressed at lightning speed. This was all so that Butters could see him do it.

I’m shocked and thinking maybe this Elf does have some magic up his sleeve.

In fact, I’m considering getting one for my husband.

If it will get him to do housework or the yard, I’m willing to have two creepy elves to move around all the time.

Here’s to hoping that my life is easy breezy for the next month…..

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