New Year, Not so New me…

I learned a while ago that I just wasn’t cut out for New Year’s resolutions.
And trust me, I’ve done them all.
Sober January.
The Whole30.
Starting an intense work-out regiment.
Trying not to swear.
Giving up caffeine.
You see, all these things sound good in theory, but in reality, they made me a not so pleasant person, and I have children and a marriage I would like to maintain, so being semi-pleasent is sort of important.
I’ll have to say that Sober January was the worst resolution to date. January is already depressing enough. You’re saying good to the most magical time of year, and have to put away all the things that bring you joy. Your house looks like an empty parking lot, and you just want to cry in your green tea (because you’re trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle) AND you decide to give up booze? Horrible Idea.
And The Whole30 was no walk in the park. It is actually anything but whole. In fact, I felt very empty and hungry. And hunger makes me a bad mom, wife, and overall human being.
So this year I said no to all resolutions except one- to write more. So here I am, after a year hiatus on the blog. I have no idea what stories I will offer you, but I promise to be entertaining, honest and real.