Pregnancy Perks

Let’s be honest, pregnancy can be a real bitch. You are overweight, uncomfortable, and the fluctuations in hormones are enough to make a semi-sane woman appear certifiable. Not to mention the unexplainable things that are happening to your body make you feel as if you have morphed into an alien from the outer galaxies. Pregnancy … [Read more…]

Scene at Target

I just watched the below link about a woman and her family screaming through Target with a Bible in her hand about the new bathroom policies. Take a minute and watch the video. Woman with Bible protests against Target’s new bathroom policy I then read an article by a publication that I have an immense amount … [Read more…]


“Have u signed your son up for summer camp? Just know it fills up fast and you want to get in the best program. Has your child done his homework? He really needs to work on his coloring and fine motor skills. You know next week is your week for snacks. Remember little Sally is allergic to … [Read more…]