Operation Flee Christmas

So I have a confession to make…….

This year we have decided to do something that most people only “talk about” doing but never actually do. We have decided to escape our dysfunctional families and all the stressors that come along with the Holidays with “operation flee Christmas.”

To be clear, our families are wonderful people and are no different than anyone else’s. Every family has some level of dysfunction that is  particularly heightened during the Holiday season. It is a fact, though, that my family is more “vocal” than most and are very passionate about things. We are Czech/German, so we are loud, excited and very set in our ways. My husbands family, on the other hand, is very nice and normal. I think the first Holiday I spent with them, I had to pinch myself because it was just so quiet and easy. Not two words that I use to describe myself or my family, EVER. I guess this is why they say opposites attract. I’m not sure anyone one else could put up with me and my large quantity of baggage.

So here’s the thing……. It’s nothing anyone did. It’s not them, it’s us. We need a break. A break from this very long and difficult year. We need time to regroup and have time alone with our “core crew,” so we ripped off the bandaid and are doing it.

I’m a people pleaser by nature so part of me is scared to death that I’ve offended someone but the other part is thinking, you know, I’m always giving and putting others before myself, so for once, I just want to us to do something that just focuses on “our little family”. So it’s happening. We leave Wednesday. We cashed in all of our frequent flyer miles and are going to Boston. I should also mention that we travel often but are incredibly selfish, so this is our first big trip where we are bringing our son. OK, we aren’t THAT selfish, we just have wonderful Grandparents who literally fight over watching our child, so we may take advantage of it, just a little…. We love to soak up our “couple” time as much as we can, since Lord knows we don’t get it at home.

SO EEEEK, this is happening. I think we may have lost our minds. The flight is four hours and it’s his first time on a plane. We maybe should’ve dipped our foot in the water instead of diving head first and gone somewhere an hour away but then we wouldn’t be us. We love a challenge and to ‘go big or go home.’ So we are going big. Really Big. I’m just hoping everyone on the plane is patient and has a soft spot for very “excited”  and “active” four year olds. We shall see…..

As we have started telling people about our “operation flee Christmas” we have been faced with many thought provoking questions like, “Have I gotten his ‘plane bag’ prepared with all his activities,” And “Am I bringing his car seat or a booster for the plane,” And “Is he sleeping with us or on a rollaway”. I’m starting to get a bit of anxiety because my answer to all of these questions is, I don’t know! I’m sure my friends are walking away thinking, “amateurs.”

Ignorance is bliss.

So wish us luck and just be honest…you are beyond jealous of our balls:)