My 3 year olds excuses (today) for not using the potty when I ask……….


1.) I’m too drinky (aka thirsty)

2.) I’m way too full of pee pee (then use the flipping potty)

3.) I’m scared ( good, you should be)

4.) I’m sad ( so am I….very)

5.) I want to be bad (you got this one)

6.) I don’t want puss n boots to see (the cat)

7.) I don’t know how ( jeez, are we back here again??)

8.) But Mom…….. I want to make cupcakes ( deal….but use the dang potty and wash your hands first)

9.) There’s monsters( Yes, there are. Everywhere)

10.) Daddy says I don’t have to ( Freaking Liar!!!)


And it’s only 2 pm, the day is young……I would love to hear your child’s favorite excuses to not use the potty. Happy Friday!