First Flight Success…..



So our first flight with our toddler went better than expected. Not perfect, but better than the colossal disaster I had created in my head. But then again, most of the theories that I create in my head are about 10 times worse than what actually happens. I had visions of us being escorted off the airplane for some inappropriate, offensive language, by my toddler of course, And the launching of objects across the plane BUT he was awesome and totally rose to the occasion and OMG was he excited. I was for sure getting some dirty looks from the other passengers for all my Mommarazzi photo taking and very loud video narrating, but a kid only gets to experience his first flight once, so I was willing to be “that Mom.”

I should also add that I am now a big fan of Southwest. The seats are so much more comfortable than United and they don’t hit you up for all these extra charges like leg room. I feel that on a plane, leg room should be free, since we all do have legs. That’s a whole other blog entry though…..

There were just a few minor hiccups, which I have to admit, were all my fault but please don’t tell my husband because I have him convinced that I am, in fact, never wrong….

My bag was 15 pounds over weight(I couldn’t decide on which of the 4 pairs of boots to pack) and I may have gotten in a teeny tiny scuffle with the flight attendant over a booster seat but all in all I would call it a success. There was a 4 other kids on our flight, one who was crawling in the aisle, another who was throwing stuff at passengers and 2 screaming babies, so needless to say the bar was set pretty low and we were looking good. Boston is awesome and I cannot wait to write more about all of our adventures….


On a totally unrelated note…………I’m officially a ‘technological retard.’ I have no business being in this whole ‘blogosphere’ and am obviously in over my head. I created a Facebook page for my blog and was trying to link my Instagram account so that all my posts would automatically feed to my Facebook blog page. Epic Fail. I hit the wrong button and somehow it attached my name with my the blog and sent out a blast to everyone on Instagram. It’s not that I was going to stay anonymous forever but I didn’t want everyone to be notified on Christmas Eve with the first blog post people see being “Public Restroom Obsession.” I wanted my ‘great reveal’ to be beyond fabulous, not about my child pooping in public. This is just par for course with my luck though. I also hadn’t told my family about the blog so SURPRISE and Merry Christmas. Of course, the calls started flooding in and I had to explain that I didn’t actually want to escape them for Christmas but that I write a sarcastic, funny blog that makes fun of my life and to please take what I say with a grain of salt. Never a dull moment over here….

Hope your Holidays are going fabulous.