A Christmas Miracle….

Today I had one of those moments when you look and your child and think, oh my Lord, he is going to turn out Ok.

I think as a parent we often struggle with what our kid will grow up to become. I don’t mean if they will be a Doctor or a Lawyer or Rocket Scientist. I mean a kind, caring individual who shows compassion and love. I think as Moms, this is our biggest goal.

It’s not getting an A on a paper or dressing the perfect way or acting like society thinks our children should, it’s seeing how they treat others without being prompted or forced. Today I saw this in my child and I could not be prouder. I actually have tears in my eyes as I type this, I was so moved by the little man I am raising.

Today was my sons Christmas school program and all the parents and faculty came to watch. It was a nativity reenactment and a choir performance. My sons class did the singing and I have to be honest, I was scared shitless. He’s a 4 year old boy who doesn’t follow any directions or sit still for 5 seconds and I knew this medley of 6 songs was going to be an epic disaster, so I prepared for the worst. I gave myself a pep talk that how he behaves during one organized function doesn’t define who he is as a child And not all kids are good at standing still for extended periods of time And the other parents won’t even be paying attention to my child.

So, no big deal. I mean, how often do I really see these parents anyway?

I sat down and prepared for the storm except there was no storm. All of the children did great. They weren’t perfect but what kids are. I watched every single child do their best and more than anything, they were having fun.

My son was watching me, making sure that I didn’t take my eyes of him once. He was so proud during his performance. I saw that he kept mouthing something to me when he was singing and I was trying to figure it out. After the third time I realized it was , “Mommy, I love you.” Four small words with such a big meaning. All that mattered to him was that I was there watching him and he wanted me to know how much he appreciated it. I cannot put into words the feeling that I had in my heart except to say that it was pure joy.

As the program progressed a boy standing behind him was crying for his Mommy and I saw my son turn around and say something to him. I had no idea what it was but I asked him later he said, I told him “It was going to be ok, don’t be sad.”


My son stopped what he was doing during a school program to address the feelings of another child. I seriously have never been prouder as a Mom.

As you know, I’m not the warm fuzzy Mom who writes about how wonderful my child is. Most days I want to lock myself in a closet with a bottle of wine. He tests my patience and attitude daily and I’m often left wondering if I’m going to totally screw him up for the rest of his life.

Well today, I decided the answer is No. Somewhere in the midst of my imperfection and craziness, I’m doing a decent job and I will take it. SO there you go. The “my child is wonderful” post you have been waiting for.

Merry Christmas:)